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Exhibitions photography – art 2022

Muzieum Nijmegen NL

Tittle: The Contact

Photo-exhibition from 02 – 09 2022.

While blind artist George Kabel walked the streets, I photographed reactions of trespassers. How is it to be blind without knowing how people look or react at you? This exhibition opens up your eyes. It’s a project that we worked on together for a while. More about this exhibition later.

Exhibitions photography – art 2020

Docfeed  2020 – doc films and Art / LAB 1 – Eindhoven NL

Tittle: Bus Stop Mississippi

Photo-Installation about racism / Starting in1963 when Martin Luther King spoke his famous words out to world and 1964 when the KKK killed three freedom fighters in Philadelphia MS. What has changed through the years and what progress did we people made?

Exhibitions photography – art 2019

Last Years Exhibition  2019 – Makelaardij Metzemaekers Oirschot NL

With artist: Kees Buurman, Jaap Egmond, Aad de Haas, Jef Diederen, Armando, Kees van Bohemen, Klaas Gubbels, Joost van den Toorn, Arthur Spronken, Reinier Lucassen, Willy Boers, Charlotte van Pallandt, JCJ van der Heijden, Leon Adriaans, Willem Hussem, Wiel Wiersma, dré didderiëns.

Exhibitions photography and art installation 2018

exhibition Filia at Man in de Maan ./ United C, April Eindhoven NL 2018 – with installation, film, interview and dancer Simon Bus.

About my work and book Filia

Exhibitions photography and art installations 2017

Biënnale Oosterhout NL

Exhibitions photography and art installations 2016

Hilvaria Studio’s, Hilvarenbeek NL
Galerie Nasty Alice, Eindhoven NL

Exhibitions photography – art 2015

Land, licht, lucht en water, Museum Van bommel Van Dam, Venlo NL
Framed in Cacao, Cacaofabriek Helmond NL

Exhibitions Photography, Film & art installations

1991 – 2018 there were various exhibitions in different countries, Installations combined with photography and films : more info at NEWS on this site.



Mediafonds 4x, Stimuleringsfonds, Filmfonds, Provincie Noord Brabant 2x, NISR, Meulensteen Foundation, Mady Saks Fonds, Prins Bernhard Fonds, Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven,  Constant van Renesse Fonds.



De Avonden VPRO 2x, Spijkers met Koppen 2x, OBA Live,Dit is de Dag Radio 1, L1tv, Omroep Brabant, Algemeen Dagblad, Brabant Cultureel, Mest, Brabants Dagblad, Eindhovens Dagblad, De Limburger, Limburgs Dagblad, Nieuwsblad, Muziekblad Oor, Folkforum, Many papers National- and International



Uur van de Wolf 2x, Culture 24, Holland Doc, L1tv, Omroep Brabant, Film in Brabant, Cinekid, Van Abbe museum 3x Eindhoven, schatten van Brabant, Cinema’s and Filmhouse National- and International



U.S.A ( New York, Chicago, Oklahoma ), Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Sicilia, Estland, Indonesië, Poland, U.K, the Netherlands                  (International Filmfestival Rotterdam, Nederlands Filmfestival Utrecht 4x, Den Haag Filmfestival and more)


PRIZES AND NOMINATIONS                                                                          

Competition Gouden Kalf Nederlands Filmfestival Utrecht 2012 ( derde publiekslieveling ) and  2015, Nomination Toonbeeld Senior Talent Award 2014, Nomination best film Filmfestival Rassegna Italië 2013, Nomination Gouden Kikker 2012 Plus Camerimage Polen, Nomination Best Sportreportage 2012 Spaak VARA, Nomination Fritschy Cultuur Prijs 2011, 3x Brabantse Beauties -film- Winner, Best short Film 2015 Filmfestival Gorinchem
















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Download the poster in PDF