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Dre DidderiensHow does my mind relate to the inner questions
that are raised when I critically watch the world in which I move?  Watching and viewing our world constantly creates new images, Concepts that play with my emotions and sometimes determine them. What I observe constantly changes my view of the world. As a photographer and a filmmaker I have a duty to perform.  A duty to confront the spectator with what I realize and to make him aware of the images that we can adopt as self‐images.  Something of our own that can take us further or can put us on a different track, where we discover  new roads and ideas, the experience of observation. My themes originate in writing, thinking and observing the world around me. Always taking pictures. Always searching. Searching for moments that may well call up the ultimate. Not only for me, but also for the spectator. I studied photography at the Academy of Visual Arts at Tilburg, Netherlands. Because I viewed photography as the ultimate freedom of my artistic expression, I kept it to myself for twenty‐five  years. I wrote music, made drawings, realized video installations and finally made films for which I  always did my own camera work. My photographic eye was challenged by this. For some time now I  have been digitizing many pictures, describing them, organizing them. In 2015 I was asked to show  them.  This has resulted in a number of shows, one of which was in a museum.  My photography is usually in black and white, but I deviate from that principle when necessary. The camera I most often use is the Leica M8 with a 28 mm lens.  I used to work analogically and since some time have been working digitally, for which I make minimal use of digital tricks. A lot of photos I offer are unique examples: only one print is made of those photo, some photo’s have an edition of 3 ( 3 different sizes ).  About my films: many of them have been shown through television networks such as NTR, VPRO (“Uur van de Wolf”) and at national and international film festivals: IFFR, NFF (NL), Cork Film Festival Ireland, SB Film Festival New York, Camerimage Poland and many more. My films and photographs have taken me to such places as Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Indonesia, Ireland, Macedonia, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and the USA.

This site contains some of the photos of the many series that have been realized over the past years.