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photostudio 2018


studio 2016-1

part of my studio 2016

studio 2016 - 1-1

view from my studio, 2016

  • NOTE: I take pictures since the Academy for Fine Art 1986 but only started to show these in 2015 which resulted in several exhibitions
  • if you’re interested in buying a picture, please contact. There’s also a possibility to do your payment monthly.
  • NOTE: There’s only one edition of every picture
  • NOTE: You can scroll this page to see more information, also about Installations and films


  • 05 -2018 the new art book by artist Hans Klein Hofmeijer, with Photography by dré didderiëns, will be launched at the Pont Museum Tilburg at May13 2018 and is for sale at the best (Art) bookshops and Musea, (see below at Books)
  • 05 – 2018 working everyday on my huge number of photoprints, 2250 small photos for my collection. They are all handcut and numbered. An easier way for working at exhibitions in the near future.
  • 04 – 2018 the writing of the new book ‘ Rainangels ‘ is in progress (sinds early 2017 – 2004). It’s a following up of the book ‘ Filia ‘.
  • 03 – 2018 preparing a one days exhibition at United C / Man in de Maan, about Filia, the book, the Installation, more later.
  • 02 – 2018 Photo’s for sale at Metzemaekers Kunstmakelaardij.
  • 01 – 2018 screening film ‘when the lightcity gets dark’ at Willem Twee kunstruimte s’ Hertogenbosch.
  • 01 – 2018 screening film ‘when the lightcity gets dark’ at Natlab Eindhoven, Architect-group
  • 11 – 2017 – screening film ‘when te light city gets dark’ at GLOW Eindhoven.
  • 10 – 2017 – screening film ‘when te light city gets dark’ at DDW Eindhoven, Stadskantoor – every day.
  • 09 – 2017 – New book, Filia, published first edition 100 / second edition is printed and for sale at bookshop Van Piere Eindhoven, (see below at Books)
  • 09 – 2017 – Opening Biennale Oosterhout.
  • 06 – 2017 – screening film ‘when the lightcity gets dark’ at Natlab Eindhoven 31-09-2017 check the site at Natlab
  • 04 – 2017 – during the exhibition ‘de stijl’ at Weverij de Ploeg in Bergeijk, there’s a viewing of of my earlier documentary-film:  In de schaduw van de Haan, in co-op with art of Toon Slegers.
  • 04 – 2017 – In sept/oct there’s the Biennale in Oosterhout. I’m one of the 22 artist to exhibit with a new artwork.
  • 02 – 2017 – my new short art-film ‘when the lichtcity gets dark’ will be in premiere at the van Abbe Museum during the project ‘van wie is de straat ‘ 2017.
  • 02 – 2017 – I ‘ll get an hour Skype/interview with all the students of the film-school in New York.
  • 01 – 2017 – I’ve been ask to cooperate as an author- photographer for the new art book of Hans Klein Hofmeijer, this year.
  • 01 – 2017 – my experimental film ‘and all days ‘ is selected for the docfeed film festival and will be screened at 18 febr 2017 14.00 hours, see for more info DOCFEED 2017
  • 11 – 2016 – after a long time of selecting photo’s of many series, I show some of them at this site, look at projects / series, each picture belongs to one serie and there’s more to come
  • 11 – 2016 – there will be a new exhibition at the A.G. / Eindhoven, more about this later
  • 10 – 2016 – read press for review exhibition at Hilvaria Studio’s by Museumdirector Rick Vercauteren, Museum Van Bommel Van Dam, Venlo
  • 08 – 2016 – working with artist George Kabel, on a photographic project
  • 08 – 2016 – the Exhibition ay Hilvaria Studio’s is open again, after a holiday break, at sunday 28 aug until sunday 9 0ct 2016
  • 07 – 2016 – the Exhibition KLANKEN VAN EEN OUDE PIANO at Hilvaria Studio’s opens at 16.00 hour / see more information at Facebook or check the site at Hilvaria Studio’s
  • 07 – 2016 there are two short films to watch at the Kodakzaal, Exhibition ‘Klanken van een oude piano’ / ‘sounds of an old piano’, the films are ‘Kameraden’ and ‘Little Water Stories’
  • 06 – 2016 – I’ve been contacted by a gallery in Madrid for collaborating in the near future
  • 05 – 2016 – I’m asked to participate at the Biënnale at Oosterhout NL in 2017, more news about this exhibition later
  • 03 – 2016 – I have the possibillity to work on a photo book, participating: Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum in Bratislava and Grafisch ontwerpburo Storm
  • 03 – 2016 – I’m working at my solo exhibition at Hilvaria Studio’s
  • 03 – 2016 – I took pictures for a new project, this idea will be worked out at the end of this year


exhibition Filia at Man in de Maan ./ United C, April 2018 – with installation, film, interview and dancer Simon Bus.



IMG_3053 IMG_3116

premiere new film ‘When the lightcity is dark’ at the van Abbe Museum Eindhoven 2017


export filia expo-

export filia expo-1000883

export filia expo-1320122

export filia expo-1000912

Installation -Filia- at International BIENNALE OOSTERHOUT 2017


biennale werk- biennale meet & greet 1-

International BIENNALE OOSTERHOUT 2017 – work / meet & greet


hilvaria export met tekst-1



2016  installation KLANKEN VAN EEN OUDE PIANO – sounds of an old piano –  at Hilvaria Studio’s



Nasty Alice -4

2016 – exhibition (ON)RUST at Galerie Nasty Alice in Eindhoven NL / photo: dré didderiëns



hilvaria export met tekst-1


vbvd 1-1

2015 – exhibition Land, Lucht, Licht en Water opening Museum Van Bommel Van Dam Venlo



DSC03569 zw

2015 dré didderiëns, director Rick Vercauteren and graphic designer Mark van den Eijnden at museum Van Bommel Van Dam Venlo





cacaofabriek-1private collection


2015 – exhibition opening Cacaofabriek Helmond










inst the 7e day_0003

Installation ‘Vervroegd Pensioen’



fotos analoog 2016


Installation ‘Crocodile Circus’ / part 2 and part 3 ( of 6 parts ).



fotos analoog 2016_0003


fotos analoog 2016_0001

Installation ‘YOK’ / also exhibitid at Birinci Gallery Uchisar Turkiye in coop with the International group Platform C.



fotos analoog 2016_0006

fotos analoog 2016_0007 private collection

Installation ‘Fruitbars



fotos analoog 2016_0011

fotos analoog 2016_0010

Video – installation ‘AMINA’



inst the 7e day

fotos analoog 2016_0012

Installation ‘THE 7th DAY’ / part 1







Note: a selection of books by dré didderiëns, or books where he was participating at


Art book by hans klein hofmeijer 2018, hofmeijer’s studio was photographed by dré didderiëns and it became the centre of this book, which was launched at Museum De Pont in Tilburg





Is a personal book about a important moment of the childhood of the artist, which was launched at the Biennale at Oosterhout 2017







‘ Memories of Eire ‘ a book with drawings, photographs and little stories / 1999





‘ de regenengelen ‘ (Rain angels ) is a try-out book / 2004





BOEKJES 1_0001

‘ Somewhere me ‘ is a book with ( upside down ) photographs and lyrics / design and lay out Mark van den Eijnden – 2013






‘ De verlaten tuin ‘  ( the lost garden ) is a book with 6 original handprinted photo’s and lyrics / 2013





BOEKJES 1_0002

‘ Onder het bed slaap ik niet ‘  ( I don’t sleep under the bed ) is a book with photographs and lyrics / 2015



Other books with info and pictures about dré didderiëns i.a.: ‘Zonder Ruis ‘ by Hans Klein Hofmeijer / 2012, ‘ Van Bommel Van Dam ‘ collectie book 2014

boekjes extra

boekjes extra_0001

‘ one hundred years of art ‘ with 4 pages about dré didderiëns / 2004








Note: most of the films and documentaries were shown and broadcast at National- and International Filmfestivals and tv – more info at: Exhibitions and Film Website



flyer_lichtstad 2017jpeg

2017 short film ‘when the lightcity is dark’ had it’s premiere at the van Abbe Museum Eindhoven, filmed in the Netherlands




still 2 AND ALL DAYS-bewerkt

2016 short film ‘And All Days’ had it’s premiere at Natlab Cinema Eindhoven, filmed in the Netherlands





poster LWS

somewhere passing serie-3

2015 short film ‘Little Water Stories’ had it’s premiere at the Nederlands Filmfestival Utrecht – NFF, filmed in France, the Netherlands and Macedonia, shown at several Film festivals





inst the 7e day_0005

Image_13_1 Rob

2015 ‘My White Shirt’ had it’s premiere at the International Filmfestival Rotterdam  IFFR, filmed in the Netherlands, shown at several International Filmfestivals with film nominations, broadcast tv Omroep Brabant





inst the 7e day_0006

2014 film ‘PARK’ had it’s premiere at the Nederlands Filmfestival Utrecht – NFF, filmed in the Netherlands, shown at several National- and International Film festivals with film nominations, broadcast tv Omroep Brabant





inst the 7e day_0007


Image08 Juliano Westhiner, boxer

2012 ‘the Silent Boxer’ had it’s premiere at the Nederlands Filmfestival Utrecht- 2012, filmed in the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Bulgaria and Azerbeidzjan, was shown at many Film Festivals abroad i.a. Camerimage Poland and New York U.S.A and had many film nominations i.a. Spaak sport film VARA tv the Netherlands, broadcast tv Uur van de Wolf VPRO





still een stille taal 2 kopie



2011 the documentary art film ‘een stille taal’ with artist Hans Klein Hofmeijer had it’s premiere at Museum Van Bommel Van Dam, Venlo, filmed in the Netherlands





inst the 7e day_0008

IMG_4842 me with friend and soundman Jo Smeets in Spain



2011 documentary ‘ ‘t Pierelandj’  had it’s  premiere at Lumiere Cinema Maastricht, filmed in the Netherlands and Spain, tv broadcast L1TV and film nomination





inst the 7e day_0009

poster heartland texas


P1070855 with i.a. Ad van Meurs, Ankie Keultjes, Jo Smeets

P1080027 at the Sun Studio in Memphis with Jack Clement

2009 the documentary ‘Searching’ for the Heart of the heartlands’ in cooperation with Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven, Muziekgebouw Eindhoven and Museum Chicago U.S.A. had it’s premiere at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven and film was broadcast tv Uur van de Wolf NTR shown at many Film festivals and Cinema’s and filmed in America





inst the 7e day_0010

image011 me at the Barra’s folkclub Clonacilty

image013 Irish Jazz singer Mary Coughlan and Dutch Artist Ad van Turnhout

2008 documentary film ‘Life Kills You’ has it’s premiere at Cork Filmfestival Ireland, filmed in the Netherlands and Ireland, shown at several International Film Festivals





inst the 7e day_0011

Image_07_1 Actor Joep van Lieshout

Image04 me between many children in Indonesia

Image05 my father and I in Jakarta

2007 documentaryfilm ‘Prop Ut Merrop’ had it’s premiere at cinema Maastricht, tv broadcast L1TV, filmed in the Netherlands and Indonesia, shown at several International Film Festivals




inst the 7e day_0018

Image_06_1 me and Dutch Filmmaker, writer and composer Jef van der Heijden

2007 short documentary film ‘Rode wijn en natte voeten’ was broadcast on several tv stations and Film Festivals




inst the 7e day_0013

2005 first feature length documentary film ‘In de schaduw van de haan’ had it’s premiere at Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven and was shown at several Film Festivals, filmed in the Netherlands





inst the 7e day_0019

Image_05_2 musician Antonio Laborinho with a young fadosinger,  Lissabon

2005 music documentary film ‘ALFAMA’ was shown at several Film Festivals, filmed in Portugal





inst the 7e day_0014

2005 first short documentary film ‘Met de trein door de straat’ was broadcast together with the film ‘Treintjes en Konijntjes’ at many National- and International Film Festivals, filmed in the Netherlands





inst the 7e day_0015 with actors Johan van Knegsel, Benito de Beer and Loek Bosman

2005 first short film ‘Treintjes en Konijntjes’ was broadcast together with the documentary film ‘Met de trein door de straat’ at several National- and International Film Festivals and won the Film Festival Gorinchem as Best Short Film, filmed in the Netherlands







inst the 7e day_0016

334_3426 me and soundman Joris

2010 feature length film ‘In naam van de vader’ sold out many screenings, I was in charge of the cameracrew and did the editing




inst the 7e day_0020

2008 music documentary ‘KUMP GOOD’ film about the new album of the Dutch Singer Gé Reinders and 12 Dutch Orchestras




inst the 7e day_0012

Image09 left, second camera Roos Breukel

EENZAAM MYR gedraaid 2 06 singer Che

2006 Triptich film ‘De Jacht – the Hunt’ was shown at several film houses, (short film, short documentary film and videoclip)




inst the 7e day_0017

2005 ‘Midsland’ a short realistic funny film, filmed in the Netherlands



inst the 7e day_0023

2005 short art film ‘Track’, filmed in Portugal, shown at several places and festivals



inst the 7e day_0025

Image_04_3 me and Johanna during filming

2004 short film ‘Und Johanna’, filmed in Germany



inst the 7e day_0021

2003 ‘In the flow of milk’ short art film, filmed in Turkey, shown at several places


inst the 7e day_0024

2003 short Interview ‘Bahman’s Vrijheid’ shown at several places



inst the 7e day_0022

2003 short art film ‘Bird’



inst the 7e day_0026

seven short art films


Next to all these films, I made several music Videoclips and worked with many National- and International interesting and famous musicians.


inst the 7e day_0027

5 short art films